The future is to anticipate innovation

“Our objective”, declares Inci-Flex CEO Vincenzo Consalvo, “is to provide concrete and innovative solutions through an accurate and punctual service, that seeks reduction of time to market and quality excellence. Hence our company’s philosophy: to guarantee customers solid result and not only sell them some products. Our values, unchanged since foundation of the company, are passion, reliability, incisiveness, environment friendliness, while our keywords are innovation, technology, responsibility, results”.

Today Inci-Flex looks overseas: Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Ivory Coast are the new markets for its products and services. “In a market that is more and more globalised, and that, following the 2008 world crisis, has suffered a further, radical transformation, there is a need to also demolish mental and structural frontiers: today we must be prepared to face markets with culture, economy and methods different from ours, aiming at ethical exchange of competences to gain a business position that lasts in the time”, Consalvo concludes.

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