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The Inci-flex Group

Group locations

Inci-flex Group locations: divided by territories, united in excellence


Head Quarter Inci-flex
Mandrizzo Street, 2 - Z.I. 84084 Fisciano (Salerno) +39 - 089 8299711


Cilea Street, 14 - 20090 Trezzano sul Naviglio (Milano)
+39 - 0282786045


Bonifica Via ,
26 - 63085 Maltignano (Ascoli Piceno)
+39 - 0736618021


Via dell'Artigianato , 21- 20863 Concorezzo (Monza)
+39 - 039225481

Alessandria di Egitto

Mall Kotp Borg El Arab City | Alexandria Egypt

We combine cutting-edge technology with artisanal expertise

Our 30 years of experience in prepress for flexible packaging, thanks to founders Carmine Consalvo and his son Vincenzo and our highly skilled team, ensure customized, innovative, and high-quality solutions. Inci-flex Group: "where experience meets innovation
HD certification (Esko)
Our vision

Passion fears no challenges

Expertise and passion, an unbeatable mix capable of overcoming obstacles of any kind. The ability to embrace and fulfill any customer's need, as a prerequisite for growth and continuous professional development through the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

Individualmente siamo una goccia ma insieme siamo un oceano (cit. Ryunosuke Satoro)



Passion and professionalism merge with the spirit of innovation and the application of technology. Our business philosophy, with solid roots in a past based on values and humanity, confidently and professionally projects towards a future summarized in our creed: "We work to offer a Result, not to sell a product." This corporate culture makes Inci-Flex an ideal work partner for demanding customers who are constantly searching for solutions that can amaze, excite, and achieve results that aim for excellence.

Our Partners

Inci-flex and its partners: architects of innovation in pre-press.

Quality control

Inci-flex: redefining quality through dedicated innovative processes.

Web Data Center

Inci-flex Group has designed a quality control solution that ensures faster project completion times. It uses WebCenter, an advanced web platform for managing pre-production specifications. This system enables all operators to share the same document and, thanks to visualization and annotation tools, add comments and indicate corrections accurately, automating complex approval processes.


Data Center Benefits:

Increased quality through more efficient data acquisition and sharing functions, reduction of errors through the addition of information to modules, optimization of real-time communication among customers, suppliers and internal staff.

60% reduction in costs required for paper print proofing and shipping, 25% reduction in operational time through feedback on quality and fewer modifications, reduction in approval times from weeks to days.

Our Team

Committed to achieving uncompromising quality.

Specialized graphic artists

Customer Care

Corrugated cardboard production

Quality control

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