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Inci.flex group

Our story began in 1984

Supported by over three decades of expertise in the field of prepress development for flexible packaging, our company, Inci-flex, is firmly rooted in a legacy of passion and dedication.
This tradition was skillfully initiated by our founder, Carmine Consalvo, and subsequently carried forward with determination and strategic vision by his son, Vincenzo.
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Quality management system

Inci-Flex applies a policy for total quality that translates into a system of procedures and protocols applied in all phases of the company's activities. This demonstrates our commitment to meeting customer requirements, legal and regulatory requirements, and creating a relationship of transparency and trust with our customers.

la nostra visione

Continuous innovation

In line with a company vision focused on enhancing quality through technological development, Inci-Flex has made investments in each of the 4 sectors of prepress in recent years, to further improve print performance, reduce production times, and ensure repeatability of results.

In 2009, Inci-Flex became the first company in Italy to install a high-resolution optical engraving unit to engrave plates in HD, and has since received the first “Full HD” certification issued by Esko.

They have introduced a complete automation system in the preparation of Full HD Flexo plates and a new technology of Direct Laser Engraving with fiber optics, the latest frontier in the evolution of high-definition printing.

This technology enhances the characteristics of the plates in terms of quality, offering more homogeneous and sharper images with an extended tonal range, solid colors with a strong visual impact, and a wider color gamut.

At the same time, Inci-Flex has expanded its Rotogravure Cylinder Engraving department with the installation of a state-of-the-art automatic production line, capable of completing the entire cylinder processing cycle up to the final stage. Another innovation in the Liquid Department is the introduction of a new resin, HYBRIDA, to improve printing on corrugated cardboard.


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