Inci-Flex Algerie is born, the new production plant in Algeria

On the basis of the experience in marketing and consultancy activities gained on the Algerian territory in the last years, Inci-Flex is going to open a production plant in Algeria within the year under the direction of Pellegrino Gaeta, in charge for International Development since 2015.

So, for Inci-Flex the new year started with a significant footstep toward internationalization or rather consolidation of its position in the African market, thanks to the courageous and farsighted decision of Enzo Consalvo, CEO of the company.

The decision to open a new production plant in Algeria is thus the nth proof of the philosophy of a company with strong and determined entrepreneurial mind-set: a company in continuous evolution, a course never interrupted, but that instead was enriched in the time with new developments, aiming more and more towards increasing the company value in terms of technological realization and good employment of competencies.

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