Inci-Flex is the first company to invest in Esko Crystal 5080 Xps

Inciflex CDI Crystal Led Esko

Gravure quality with flexographic plates from an integrated unit that simplifies production. The Italian prepress service Inci.Flex is the first company to automate its own flexographic production process with the new Esko CDI Crystal 5080 XPS.

Thanks to its know-how in flexible packaging, corrugated cardboard and labels, Inci.Flex focuses on top quality production. The company has chosen the CDI Crystal 5080 XPS to produce a flexographic result that can compete with gravure through a fast and economical printing process.

Crilstal Led Inciflex1

The new CDI CRYSTAL 5080 XPS system delivers flexographic printing results in gravure quality, thanks to apolymerization improvement process.

Synchronized process steps allow faster access to the plate by 30%, reducing operator intervention with the auto unit and LEN file transfer. The new technology enhances flexo quality, improves the consistency and repeatability of plate after plate and meets the common need for shorter runs and with an increasing number of SKUs.

Crilstal Led Inciflex2

From left Davide Meroni of Esko Italy with Vincenzo Consalvo, CEO of Inci.flex

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