An unbeatable detail

ULTRA LED 2 Flexo plates

Unrivaled quality

Our technologies enable the reproduction of executives up to 175 lpi in ultra-high definition with incredible highlights, within a customized customer relationship path

Customer service

Their team of professionals is always ready to listen and respond to customers' needs, providing timely and effective solutions. This level of attention to detail reflects Inciflex's entire ethos, putting the customer at the center.

Complete automation in the preparation of ULTRA LED 2 plates

The digital flexo department stands out for the high level of innovation in the equipment used to create high-definition packaging on plastic films, ensuring excellent results in terms of quality, reduced production times, and repeatability of the outcome

"With our Full HD Flexo plates, Inciflex marks the evolution of the printing art. This is not just technology, it is the promise of excellence."
Vincenzo Consalvo
CEO - Inciflex Group

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